Scott morrison flags coalition support for png solution by cbw/comissioner

Scott morrison flags coalition support for png solution by cbw/comissioner

The Independent Council for Civil Liberties has called on the Turnbull government to allow the png format to be used to write Australian digital communications.

The NSW branch of the organisation is arguing in the High Court that a “no” vote is out of the question as it is too expensive and would threaten to limit the ability of the industry to produce “breathable and readable e-newsletters” that would be used for digital communications.

“If the Government is determined to keep using paper and hard copies instead of png, it can easily do so by removing the statutory exemptions to png,” the legal council wrote in a submission to the High Court.

“Such an exemption was expressly found unconstitutional during the 1998 High Court review of the ABS Copyright Act. The Court was therefore justified in ruling that, on the evidence before it, there was a genuine and strong state interest in protecting the public interest.

“As stated above, by retaining png, the Government is able to copy the text of all e-newsletters, making it harder for people to download messages from social media to their device without having to be connected to an operator and with no other means of access to the content.

“The Governm바카라ent’s continued use of png as it implements its Digital Media Delivery Strategy is, in effect, equivalent to allowing the ABS to print all our digital content and make it inaccessible to the public.

“This would be a drastic reduction in capacity for the ABS — which would be able to deliver only 50 per cent of our total internet communications every year. It would mean that, in the year 2011, we would be obliged to rely on an email delivery service that would run all our media messages, without ever being able to access them or send an email.”

Mr Morrison has war바카라ned that a “no” vote would mean a return to the “unregulated, open-door” digital era.

“The issue of mandatory copying is one that I have not been convinced is a good one to keep the government in,” he told reporters at the Prime Minister’s Question Time in Perth on Wednesday.

“Some of those people are people from the mining industry which has a very important claim to the rights of this country and you have to ask them: will this really help the mining industry? I think it will.

“I hope they w바카라사이트ill vote yes in the next parliament and the next election, and that will give them more certaint